Saturday, September 23, 2006

First Post

Hi, and welcome to Homer Cubed. Homer Cubed is Simpsons review site inwhich I will try to review every episode starting with the third episode in Season 18. If I for some reason did not manage to watch the show or review it a link to a site that did will most likely be provided.

Comments are welcome and so are personal reviews. There is no membership or anything so you can just type away. In fact, I hope that you (the readers) comment on everything and give you're opinion too. That way, the site will become much more than just a single review site.

News about the Simpsons will also be posted on this site. Those of you who just can't wait to see that movie they're cooking up, I'll be updating you on that too.

Just a fact, the name Homer Cubed is actually the name of a short in a halloween episode inwhich Homer decides to hide behind a bookcase and ends up in a 3D world.


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